What is HypnoBirthing®?

At HypnoBirthing New York we offer classes in HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method.®

HypnoBirthing is a natural childbirth education program developed by Marie Mongan that utilizes self-hypnosis techniques. As expectant parents you will learn how to use hypnosis techniques that you practice throughout your pregnancy, in order to condition the mind and body to be in a naturally relaxed state whilst remaining drug and medication free.


HypnoBirthing puts aside the idea that having a baby has to be uncomfortable and painful.

When you are able to relax your mind, your body will follow. Having very relaxed muscles leads to a birth that is much easier, calmer and with less pain. There is growing evidence about the mind/body connection and it is becoming clear that what we think in our minds has a direct influence over our body. Learning and using the mind/body relaxation, special breathing techniques and visualization taught in the HypnoBirthing classes, you will be able to relax the uterine muscles which are essential during the intense labor process, in order to birth naturally, often faster, easier, and more comfortably.


The HypnoBirthing method focuses on eliminating the fear which often surrounds the idea of childbirth. This fear is believed to be the main cause of pain, discomfort and complications.

What happens when you think of something unpleasant or recall a painful experience? You probably tend to tense up, recoil, to screw your face up at the very idea. Why is this? The body is directly responding to the memory or thought by becoming tight and tense, the muscles squeezing tighter and becoming hard. For so many years women have been "programmed" into believing that childbirth equals pain. Having this thought in mind essential reinforces the body's natural reaction to tense up. The fear of the pain is what drives the pain. During childbirth, you want the muscles of the uterus to become relaxed and open easily in order to birth, yet if the mother is fearful then her baby may be trying to move through tense, hard muscles and it is this which can causes pain, a longer birth, or the need for medical interventions. However, when your muscles are loose and relaxed there is no resistance and therefore no struggle. Your baby is able to make its way effortlessly through the birth canal. All the muscles involved stretch easily, just as nature intended and work perfectly in order to birth your baby. HypnoBirthing also helps you to focus clearly on your breathing, which is vital to managing pain during childbirth. Through hypnosis you will be able to create a deep state of relaxation, a sensation of peace and calm that lead to your muscles being able to let go and relax entirely.


What is Hypnosis like?

Whilst in hypnosis, you are very focused, in full control and entirely aware of the whole process, just as you should be. You are not asleep and will not miss out on the birth of your baby. Hypnosis causes a deeper connection, and direct communication between your body and mind. You are in harmony with and completely in control of your body. Through hypnosis, your mind and body are completely in control, very relaxed and open. Women using hypnosis during childbirth frequently speak of a deep connection with their baby a wonderful communication between body and mind leading to a shorter, easier birth.


Advantages of HypnoBirthing.

HypnoBirthing may:

  • Eliminate the fear associated with having a baby
  • Reduce the pain of birth; most women report only feeling "pressure"
  • Lower the amount of medical intervention required during labor and the need epidurals or chemical painkillers
  • Cause less tearing during labor
  • Lessen the tiredness and fatigue often associated with birth
  • Shorten the first stage of labor frequently by several hours
  • Enhance the special bonding between mother and child and birthing partner
  • Ensure a faster post-natal recovery
  • Help to turn breech babies
  • Make the birth of your baby a beautiful, treasured experience


HypnoBirthing enables you to gain control over your mind and body, learn to relax deeply and enjoy the journey of bringing your baby into the world. You understand that there is no need for reliance on pain medications, and that a natural, easier, more comfortable birth is entirely possible for you. There are no worries, fears or anxieties and you trust that your body will work perfectly, for you and your baby, giving you both the gift of a beautiful birth.